Monday, November 12, 2007

2nd Update on Baby Promise from Emma

12/8/07 UPDATE
Thank you for your prayers from the Dunne Family

The photo is of Mount Ruapehu (Between Taumarunui and Raetihi)

Hello everyone

Just a quick update.

Promise had heart surgery on Wednesday. Steve was with her in Auckland as she endured this.

For all medical types out there:
Promise had an open PDA which has been closed now through the surgery. She was on morphine until yesterday and an epidural and all sorts of other 'wires'. She continues to require Oxygen for her 'sats' to remain at 100%. she has continuing problems with collapsed lungs (partial),
She came after 3 hours with more wires in her than either of us have ever seen. She was distressed but is now recovering well.
During the op they also did a liver biopsy. Results for this will come soon.
She remains on a vast collection of vitamins and medicine.

In spite of everything, she remains a 'fighter'.

Thankfully the operation for her heart was a success and we are gradually removing her Oxygen dependence.

She remains in Auckland Starship Hospital. Steve has now travelled home and Emma is presently being super - mum/nurse/carer with her as Steve learns to be super-dad with the remaining five children in Taumarunui.

Somehow neither of us remember this course at missionary training college!!!!!!

Thankfully Jesus is still with us in the valley. Father continues to love folks and bless people as we engage with countless other mums and dads who have sick children at Starship

A huge thank you for your prayers and support at this time. A special thank you for the food and care supplied locally by the 'secret saints'.

in the Fathers love

steve and emma dunne


Blogger Cathy said...

Emma and Steve,

May the Lord bring complete healing to your precious Promise I pray in Jesus name!


November 12, 2007  

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