Monday, May 29, 2006

He who began a good work in you. . .

will be faithful to complete it.
Hey everyone,
God willing, I am going on a missions trip to Dhaka, Bangladesh this summer with InterVarsity/Urbana.
I've had faith that God would bring the money in for my trip, but I have also been feeling that Satan is resisting it. Sometimes worry and fear have set in, and they almost paralyze me. But this past week, I took some of the steps I knew I needed to take. Between a refund I did not expect, a yard sale, babysitting, letters I sent out, and being interviewed at my church on Sunday, God brought in more than half of what I need to go to Bangladesh this weekend alone! From having about $500 raised, I now have just over $3000 of the approximately $4000 I need.
I also saw God soften my grandparents' hearts (they were opposed to the trip and decided not to support me, but He changed their minds). My parents, too, were worried, but they have both decided to turn that fear over to God and pray with me instead.
I now have a few prayer partners, and God has brought me into contact with some missionaries at my church who want to commit to pray for me, as well as to share some of their experiences as Bible translators with me. I could go on. . .
Anyway, I thought this would be a good place to boast in what Christ Jesus has done!

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