Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Received this update today on Ami

Date: Wed, 14 May 2008
From: "JSP/JAMM"
Subject: Richard Ayal Frieden
re 15 year old Ami Ortiz

Dear Friends, the following is a report from Pastor David and Leah Ortiz, the Parents of 15 year old Ami Ortiz who suffered severe injuries when from a bomb sent to his home disguised as a Purim Holiday package and exploded upon opening. I met David and Leah last week and was deeply moved by their testimony. A special thanks to those who sent hundreds of 'get-well' cards and letters of support and love to Ami and his family. I understand that his Mom reads these letters everyday to Ami. I know that this has been a tremendous encouragement to Ami and his family.

Shalom and blessings,
Richard and Yardena Frieden

Ami Update

May 6, 2008

We checked out of the Schneider Children's hospital, last week after a six-week stay, 8 days in the ICU and the rest on the children's floor. Ami received excellent care from the doctors and nurses in that hospital, but in response to prayer from the four corners of the earth Ami has been healing at a rate that is extraordinary. The plastic surgeon that worked on Ami said that in his 15 years of experience he had never seen such extensive wounds. He said he has at least one hundred pieces of shrapnel in his body from his head to his feet which his body is slowly bringing up under the surface of the skin which will come out by themselves.

Thank God Ami was admitted today into a rehabilitation program in Tel HaShomer hospital. It is the hospital where terror attack victim's are treated, and also soldiers wounded in battle, so they are very experienced with the multiple injuries Ami has.

In the meantime, we had a week hiatus at home. We enjoyed living a more normal life for at least a week, and readjusting to new realities. I, Leah, have learned to change Ami's bandages and so I see improvement everyday and I see areas of skin that were wounded before that are completely back to normal. We have much hope and at the same time need much patience, as that is one very big lesson that we are learning through this ordeal. The Lord is very faithful to give His promises. From the very beginning He assured us that there had been a decision made in Heaven that we might not understand now, but that Ami would be fine and that He would use this for His glory. The working out of it has been painful for everyone especially Ami, and we have found that we have need to stand in faith that His promises will come to pass. As it is written in, Joshua 21:45,

Not a word failed of any good thing that the Lord had spoken to the House of Israel. All came to pass.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for complete restoration of the use of Ami's hands and arms.
Please pray for healing of all burns and scars on his body.
Please pray for continued emotional and spiritual healing for Ami and for the family.
Please pray for Ami's siblings that they would all draw closer to the Lord through this experience. Please pray for the police investigation and that the one's responsible for this would be brought to justice.


Blogger Anders said...

Hello! I found your website. My name is Anders Branderud, I am 23 years and I am from Sweden.

Of course I reject the terror with the bomb directed toward Ami Oritz.

By practising Torah non-selectively, just like the historical Jesus did, we make the world a better place to live in!

To realize that one can follow two polar-opposite masters — the authentic, historical, PRO-Torah 1st-century Ribi from Nazareth – the Messiah - and the 4th-century (post-135 C.E.), arch-antithesis ANTI-Torah apostasy developed by the Hellenists (namely the Sadducees and Roman pagans who conspired to kill Ribi Yәhoshua, displaced his original followers (the Netzarim) and redacted the NT); is a step in that direction!

So who then was the historical Jesus? His name was Ribi Yehoshua.
The research of world-recognized authorities (for example Barrie Wilson; in this area implies that Ribi Yehoshua was a Pharisee (a Torah-practising Jewish group - who according to 4Q MMT (a Scroll found in the Qumran-caves) practised both written and oral Torah (oral Torah in an unbroken chain since Mosheh (Moses); commanded by Mosheh in Torah; oral Torah is recorded Beit-Din (Jewish Court)-decisions of how Torah shall be applied).. As the earliest church historians, most eminent modern university historians, our web site ( and our Khavruta (Distance Learning) texts confirm, the original teachings of Ribi Yehoshua were not only accepted by most of the Pharisaic Jewish community, he had hoards of Jewish students.

For words that you don’t understand; se ; the link to Glossaries at the first page.

Ribi Yehoshua warned for false prophets who don’t produce good fruit = defined as don’t practise the commandments in Torah according to Halakhah (oral Torah; see the above definition). See Devarim (Deuteronomy) 13:1-6.

The research of Scholars in leading universities which implies that Ribi Yehoshua was a Pharisee necessarily implies that if you want to follow him you need to practise his Torah-teachings.
So you need to start follow the historical Ribi Yehoshua – the Messiah – by practising Torah (including oral Torah)!

Finding the historical Jew, who was a Pharisee Ribi and following him brings you into Torah, which gives you a rich and meaningful life here on earth and great rewards in life after death (“heaven”)!

From Anders Branderud
Geir Toshav, Netzarim in Ra’anana in Israel ( who is followers of Ribi Yehoshua – the Messiah – in Orthodox Judaism

October 18, 2008  
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