Thursday, March 09, 2006

My mother's broken ankle.

Hey there prayer warriors. My turn to post a request:

This afternoon I got a call at work that my mom slipped and fell on the ice in the parking lot where she was for a meeting related to her profession. She fractured it so severely, that her foot was pointing in a manner away from her and totally not how feet are designed to face!

My brother and I spent the afternoon with her in the emergency ward at Peterborough Regional Hospital, where we were by her side (or at least in the hall way) when they X-rayed it and set the foot in place more, before they were going to perform surgery.

At the time of writing this, I've gone home for a few hours, my dad is driving back in from out of town some time this evening, and she was last in the emergency ward hallway waiting for a room, and scheduled to either have surgery performed tonight or tomorrow.

Please pray for quick and swift healing. Her and my father have tickets and plans to stay in England for 3 weeks beginning late April, and were even going to visit the Netherlands for 4 days during that visit. The possibility of this trip is also now up in the air and depends on if her ankle will be healed in time.

Thank you all for praying.

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